Dierenopvang Koningen builds a special place for old shelter dogs

Dierenopvang Koningen, one of our partners in Holland, received a large amount of money from Stichting Dierenlot (an animal foundation) to help them realize their dream: a special place for the older shelter dogs. These dogs are having a hard time in a regular shelter because of the slippery floors and  the temperature among others.  Koningen will create a homely environment where the oldies get special care and also can be visited by old people from a healthcare institution. A very special project! On behalf of all people, animals and especially the old dogs from Scooby: CONGRATULATIONS! We can’t wait to see the results and see old Scooby dogs walking around there.

Watch the Dutch video of Astrid Koningen in the building that will become Veccio's Seniorenparadijs. The first dog you see in the shelter is Scooby’s ten year old Lola and the small black old dog with a tie is Timon, an old Scoobydog that lives with Astrid now:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYrIFcu8YS4

Scooby also has a separate place for older dogs; the Oldies Garden, with a house with beds and couches to make them more comfortable in the cold winters and hot summers. But the best thing for them would be living in a real house with a real family. Please don’t forget the oldies when you are thinking about adopting a dog.