A special website for special Galgos!

We would like to invite you to take a look at this beautiful new website for Scooby’s Forgotten Galgos:
If you are thinking about adopting a Galgo, please take a look at these sweethearts! They are the Forgotten Galgos, they have been waiting in the shelter for many, many months and would love to find a loving home before winter is coming. And the winter is very wet and cold here in Spain. Some Galgos are a lot older than others (the Galgo Golden Oldies) and some are in special need because they have Leishmania or because they are the underdogs of the paddock and have a very hard time in the shelter.
Please give all these lovely dogs a chance at a family, they are the ones that need it the most! Thank you.
Carlos Klynstra, thank you very much for creating the website and helping our forgotten Galgos this way.