4 legged love

She is called Moon and she is a young Mastin, very young but she has already gone through the suffering of abandonment, she has given birth and all her pups died within a few days, most likely because of the lack of nutriments before and during the pregnancy. Even so you cannot find a sweeter dog than her, she has been in my foster care in my home and she has not had any problem with my other protégées. It has only gone to prove that galgos are racists, they don’t really like any other dogs that aren’t galgo and they are barking at the poor thing, but she seems unfazed, she is pure love and nothing more than love, she gets barked at and she doesn’t mind, she only wants to be loved and petted. She is with me because I want to put some weight on her but she is available for adoption and I want to show what giants with big hearts these mastins are, they are four legged love and until you don’t have one in your house, you won’t know.  Kisses, hugs, little bites and licks. Fermin