Old Tayler – Forgotten dog in Scooby Palencia

Tayler is a very old dog, about 12 years old! And he has been waiting at Scooby Palencia for too long! When Scooby took over the shelter in Palencia on the 1st of January 2015, Tayler was already in this shelter, so he has been there for about two years now and maybe many more. We  think he has been forgotten..

Tayler he is a calm dog (normal for his age) and he is very good with people. He does not like other dogs to live in his territory too much, so he prefers to be in a house as an only dog. This way he also gets the most loving of course.

Old Tayler doesn't want to die in a shelter! Please help him find the home he has been waiting for so long!

Here is a video of sweet Tayler: