5th of October: Forgotten dogs day – but PLEASE do NOT forget them!

On the 4th of October it’s World Animal day. People give their beloved dog an extra treat, take them for a long walk and make them feel loved just a little bit more than usual..
But the dogs in Scooby do not get all of that. They are living outside in paddocks with a brick house where they can find shelter for the rain, they get food once a day, they get the necessary medical help, their paddock is cleaned and if they are lucky, they get a weekly treat or some cuddles from Ana or other volunteers. This is the daily life of a Scooby dog at the shelter.
And I am not saying that they are unhappy. But when they are dumped on the streets and rescued by Scooby they need some time to adjust from a homely environment to a shelter-life. And luckily most dogs find a new home within a few months, but there are dogs that do not and finally call Scooby their home. Not that they want to stay at Scooby, but they have been living here for so long, (more than one year, two years and some even more than three years!!) that they have forgotten what it was like to be in a home, with a warm soft place to sleep, a family that cares for them and takes them for long walks.
On behalf of these forgotten dogs, we would like to ask for your help to turn their life around. Please help us find them a home of their own! If you can’t adopt them yourself, please ask your friends and family, share them on Social Media or make a donation to Scooby so we can at least give them the food and help they need as long as they are living here.
Here are the Forgotten dogs of Scooby. More information about them you can find on our website: www.scoobymedina.org/en/adoption/available_dogs.html