Jana is looking for a special home

Jana is a beautiful mix, black with brown points at her paws and with medium sized honey colored eyes. She is about 4 years old. Jana has been at Scooby since two years. Her crime: being terrorized by people and with an extreme fear of men!  Since about a year she has received help from a volunteer so that little by little her faith in humans will be restored. She is a lot better now, she gets out of her patio to really enjoy these moments, accepts that she is being petted and that her beautiful coat is being brushed, and that men are giving her treats. She also walks fine on a leash and gets along well with the companions in her patio.  This has been a long and slow process and now Jana needs somebody who will foster or adopt her (preferably a woman), but most importantly who will understand her, without forcing her.  She needs someone who accepts her own way and rythm to adapt to humans.  In turn, Jana gives loving (she loves licking your face or your hands), looks at you with immense gratitude and a will to live that is a real joy.