A pet yes-a vet no

his poor boy was found abandoned and rescued by Scooby.
It is for sure that he has been a family cat. But this has come to an end when he developed cancer in both of his ears and it began to "eat them off". This can happen with white cats when the ears get sun burnt because you don´t put cream to protect the sensitive thin skin.
So probably taken far enough away from his home so he couldn´t find the way back and that´s it.
Irresponsibility is the name I would give this.
Well, his ears are cleaned now and he is on the drip but he will  need to have both of his ears amputated and probably some chemo.
As soon as he has recovered again he will be ready for rehoming . But until then we need money to pay for the surgeries  and for the chemo. So please help us to cover the costs by: