Maldot & Dama

MALDOT is one of Scooby miracles. One year ago he was alone in a corner, away from the other dogs and far away from people. And now he runs with the rest, even leading them. He jumps when he sees you and puts his muzzle between your legs asking for attention. He was a sad and scared dog and now he is the happiest in his paddock. Of course, he will be happier with a family.But now, at last, and we feel so proud to say it, Maldot is ready for adoption.

DAMA is happy and playful,full of energy,shy just in the beginning,then an affectionate and nice dog.She is a bit nervous,she runs around you and jumps on you.But she is clever,really clever.She knows she has to be relaxed if she wants to be petted and,although it´s hard for her,she gets quiet and sits down.Dama needs an open space,long walks and running free.And,with some training,she will become a wonderful dog,even more wonderful than the cute dog she is already now.