3 and a half legs pure zest for life

Today a very special dog has been brought to the shelter. Spanish people
found him abondened, took him home and tried to find him a home for quite

a long time. But nobody wanted him, so they finally asked Scooby to take
him. His name is Buddy and he was born with a crippled leg. That´s
probably the reason why it is not bothering him at all. He runs, jumps and
plays like any other dog at the age of app. 3 years as you can see in the
photos and video.But the shelter is not a good place for handicapped dogs

as they are always at the very bottom of the hierarchy. So we need to keep
them seperated what is neither nice for the dog nor it is for us, having
few space to keep dogs like him seperated from the others. As he fits in
every handbag there´s for sure somebody willing to give a loving home to
this cute boy, or not;-)???

Buddy will go to LSF who were present at the shelter when he was brought in. Thank you very much, dear friends from LSF!!