5th of October is Forgotten Dogs Day: WHAT IF...

“What if I was a cute puppy, would you adopt me then?”
“What if I was a beautiful cat, would you love me then?”
“What if I was a small Chihuahua, would you take me home then?”
“What if I was a forgotten dog...”

Today is Forgotten Dogs Day, the day we put our Forgotten Dogs in the spotlight. And we have a lot of them! Many dogs have spent years and years at our shelter and will probably grow old here. That’s not fair! Each dog is an individual, each dog is different, each dog has a lot of love and happiness to give and they all need the same: a home. You can not save all the dogs in the world, but you can save one. And that one dog will love you to the moon and back. We promise.
“What if I was a forgotten dog, I WOULD LOVE YOU JUST AS MUCH!

Please check our website for more info on that dog that will give you all its love: