A number: 1023

No, it's not this year's Xmas Lottery number... It's the number of animals that have arrived at Scooby in the past 6 months!

AND WHAT NOW? Who helps us make sure the 862 dogs and 161 cats rescued this semester have everything they need?

We all feel relieved to know that these abandoned animals that appear in the streets of our cities and towns will not end up in the municipal pound where no vet assistance is given, the food provided is often just enough to keep them alive and where, if not adopted before the compulsory amount of time was up, would be put to sleep.

"It gives us all peace of mind to know that the little cat or dog that we found in the street and which we cannot take on will end up in a shelter where he/she will receive all the care necessary, wounds will be healed and where they will be operated on in order to save their lives or simply so they can walk and run again... "... It is appeasing to know that volunteers will give those animals love, treats and will try to make their stay at the shelter the best it can possibly be. But mostly, we feel relieved about the fact that they will be able to live there for the rest of their lives if they are not adopted.

A lot of you think that, because we receive money from councils and local governments because we are contracted to provide animal collection services for them, we don't need any more help, but believe us when we tell you that the amount we receive from them doesn't even cover a minimum part of our monthly expenses.
Staff need to be paid (their role is essential if we want to keep as many animals as we do in the best conditions possible), dogs and cats need to be fed daily, vets need to be paid (they cure, vaccinate, chip and neuter all the animals that arrive at the shelter), vet check ups and extra tests for poorly animals or operations for dogs that have been run over for example have to be paid too... Also the specialist care we provide to the 200 animals that live in our Sanctuary (horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens...) comes at a cost! Not to mention the electricity and water bills, taxes, insurance and petrol for our vehicles.

Helping and saving these animals' lives is enormously gratifying for us, but in order to be able to keep doing so, and above all, for them to have the good quality life they deserve, WE NEED YOUR HELP. Sadly around 170 new abandoned animals arrive at Scooby every single month and we cannot do it alone. Please help us, donate as much as you can and allow us to continue helping them!