Open letter to the animal protection organisations in Castilla y Leon

Dear friends, it seems like the joint operation is gaining strength, or at least it is what is being said. Lately we have seen things like a farmer in Valladolid who one by one wins competitions of picking up stray animals in various provinces in Castilla y Leon. On the other hand it is you that do all the work to get these animals adopted, because this person does not even have a webpage to assist in finding these animals a home. A lot of times you ask us to take care of these collections, but we really cannot do all these by ourselves. We are convinced that together we are stronger and therefore we suggest we join forces and set up federations, on provincial or regional level so that between all of us we can get rid of people who only take advantage of the animals.   Regardless of personal quarrels, we are convinced we should all work together. If you agree, send us a private message and we will start working something out. Regards to all.