Mistreatment and neglect comes in many different ways. And this is what happened to poor Fina, the galgagirl who was offered for free through the internet.
Two years ago, when she was 2 years old,  she broke her thyebone while playing as the galguero said, which was a lie. He told me that after Fina broke her leg, he knew that she was unfit to hunt but because he had payed good money for her, he decided to let her operate and use her for breeding puppies so at least he could get some cash back for her and therefore he paid 600,- Euros for an operation in which, according to the vet, they put a plate with screws in it, which was a total failure because Fina had a lot of pain and that*s why she pulled up her leg to not use it and she had always a few little open wounds on the leg where the screws were supposed to be.
But our galguero never went back to the clinic with her to let it check because all he wanted was that she came in heat to have his so much desired puppies.
But Fina, being a real woman, did not come in heat because of her pain and discomfort so after 2 years of useless waiting our galguero threw the towell in the ring and decided to give her away for free, she had costed him enough and he*d got nothing for it in return. So she appeared on the internet, we read it and decided to take her to Scoobys residencia in Valladolid before they were going to kill her when nobody wanted her.  We spoiled her with thick and soft blankets, a lot of good and nice food and loads of love and she enjoyed it... she was so sweet and thankfull, no words enough to describe this special lady...
Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, to be exactly in Regina (Saskatchewan) in Canada, a man who had already adopted 2 Scooby galgos, Piny and Canelo, had seen Finas picture and had decided that he wanted to adopt her too and would let her examen in a specialised clinic in Canada to see what could be done to improve Finas condition.  So after a long and complicated journey, Fina arrived in Regina and 2 weeks later Xrays were taken and it did not look well. The open wounds were now badly infected, maybe from the stress from the journey but her leg, after 2 years from pulling it up, was totally grown into something which was not operable anymore and would give her more pain and discomfort and would never heal to be usefull for her so the best thing to do was amputate it and Fina would not miss it because it was only bothering her and she did not use it anyway.
They did it a few days later because the infection was very bad and than, when they examened the leg after the amputation, they discovered that the plate and screws, which should be from titanium, were a piece of plastic and for screws they had used some ty ribs. It is almost unbelievable!!!  No wonder that Fina has had a lot of pain because her body kept fighting against these strange materials.
This vet should be thrown out of his profession because he only thought about money and the galguero should have gone back for a check-up but he only thought about his puppies and none did do what Fina needed, she was not important. This neglect costed Fina her leg but it also could have costed her her life!
She is recuperating very well now and being spoiled which she so deserves and very soon she will run with her brothers, maybe not so fast but loved, happy and without pain and that*s wat matters most.