Scooby kittens are looking urgently for a new loving “servant”..

As soon as spring starts, all animals are getting in the mood.. Non sterilized cats are  going out looking for a date. Fortunately a lot  of the owners have taken their responsibility and had them neutered, but unfortunately in Spain, the situation is different.

Scooby Medina has, again, their hands full this year with abandoned and dumped litters of kittens that need to be taken care of, fed and socialized.  Day and night the workers are doing what they can to bring these little “fur balls” back to strength so they are ready to leave for their new home.

On the Facebook page Scooby Katjes,  we present all the kittens at Scooby who are ready to be adoptedhttps://www.facebook.com/Scooby-Katjes-229253987460332/photos

Before the kittens leave for their new home, they are being sterilized, chipped, vaccinated and tested on Leukemia and kittenaids. So you will be assured you will always get a healthy kitten with a passport. Do you need more information or are you interested? Please send a personal message on Facebook through Scooby Katjes. You can ask us anything in German, Dutch or English and we try to answer your question as soon as possible.  There are several sites in France, Belgium and the Netherlands where the kittens could be picked up. Are you going to be the loving new “servant” the little ones need so badly? Please take a look on Facebook for the currently available kittens and share the page with your friends.

(written by Karin van Emmerik)