Trufa, a very special dog

Hello, I would like to introduce Trufa and tell the story of a very special dog.

Trufa is a 14 months old Spanish Mastiff (Mastín Español). This is a very ancient breed that has been used by Spanish shepherds for more than 4000 years and is considered one of the oldest breeds in the country.

As some of her peers have been doing for centuries, she could have protected herds in at times far apart grazing areas. Unfortunately, Trufa is one of the many unwanted Spanish Mastiffs that are forgotten along the roadside or in the middle of a field.  Sometimes they are thrown into the landfill as mere waste, doomed to certain death that can even be horrible due to evil encounters.

Trufa was fortunate to be taken in by the shelter Scooby in Medina del Campo, where the volunteers did their best to give her a life that merits this name.

Trufa arrived in France at the end of February 2013. We originally took her in foster care from the organization Gineta. With her kindness she quickly won our hearts and we adopted Trufa in early March 2013.

Trufa, like all other Spanish mastiffs, is not only a guard and shepherd dog; she is also a wonderful family companion whose patience and gentleness are exemplary.

Trufa is not only a wonderful companion; she also has been trained to become a therapy or comfort dog (chien médiateur). The weekend of May 4/5, 2013, she participated with her mistress in a training near Belfort, France, organized by the association D’Un Cœur à l’Autre, Les Chiens Médiateurs (
http://www.chien-mediateur.fr/) and obtained her ''Certificate of Ability to Practice the Activity of Mediator Dog'' after being evaluated by dog trainers and educators. We thank Marie Lienhard, President and founder of the association, for her generosity and professionalism.

Trufa and her mistress will work with the elderly to return a smile on their faces and to warm their hearts. She will also go into schools to teach children not to be afraid of dogs and how to behave with animals to prevent injuries.

Apart from her work she will continue to live her quiet family life playing in the garden with her other mastiff friends: Ernes and George, also adopted through the organization Gineta coming from the shelter Scooby and Ana, adopted from the organization Galgos France coming from the shelter Cuencanimal as well as her other dog friends Foxy and Glade, cats, chickens and Tagada, the turtle.

Thus, despite her young age and after having received only neglect and contempt, in return she creates happiness for human beings. Sweet revenge on life, is it not?

Trufa agrees to dedicate this sweet revenge to the memory of Regina, Spanish Mastiff 5 years, brutally violated and murdered in her country and to all the other Spanish Mastiffs who are suffering.

We thank all the shelters and organizations, Spanish and French, who are doing their best, often with few resources, to help this very special breed of dogs.

Alexandra and Trufa

PS :Since this report Trufa has been working on a regular basis with the elderly and she did an outstanding job. The team of care givers appreciates her for the happiness she is able to bring to the residents. Starting in September, Trufa will be visiting an institution for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.