In short, 3 purebred podencos and a halfbred

One of the uncounted mails to Scooby...

Fermin, I am sorry to add to your problems, because I know of the situation in Murcia, therefore, only if  you can please hear me out, and if you cannot, just delete this text message and tell me no, without hard feelings.
To start with, a few weeks ago I heard about this  battered woman who was being abused by her partner,  he had stuck a knife between her ribs. The man has gotten a restraining order but his sons are still living with the victim and they are a couple of savages, like the father.
The woman had 30 dogs, of which we still need to replace 11, 4 of them are podencos. I am writing you because of the podencos, 2 of them are only 8 months old, one is 5 years old and the other one is a halfbred. Only if it is in any way possible, if you can do something for the podencos, please let me know.
The woman is called..., if you want to help I can give her your email or phonenumber, or the number of the Protectora.. She is a foreigner and does not have anybody in Spain. They are going to give her a small payment of 420 euros for being the victim of violence for about a year, and with this little money and the money she makes cleaning houses she has to make do, so we need to rehome them.
The other 7 dogs that she has are mixes, I am going to pass on the information to the rest of my contacts, all of them already filled to the max, but they will do whatever they can.